I have been a doctoral student in the Department of Cartography during 2002-2006. In this Department I have written the dissertation "Methodical aspects of cartographic analysis and evaluation of early city plans based on the example of plan of Lublin by C. d'Örken (1716)" (promoter: prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Sirko). Public defence of thesis took place on 15th of November 2006.

Aim of the work
The work contains proposal of a complex methodical approach to the examination of early large-scale materials. It is also a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the oldest existing plan of Lublin. The dissertation consist of three main parts - evaluation of the plan compared to others of XVII/XVIII century, analysis of contest presented on the plan and cartometric analysis (see "Methods").

Object of examinations
"Plan de la ville et fauxbourgs de Lublin" by C. d'Örken - the oldest existing plan showing the whole town. It has been drawn in 1716 during the negotiations of the Tarnogród confederation held in Lublin. It presents, apart from the town itself, camps of the sides, quarters of participants of negotiations and others objects, connected with this event.
Hand drawn original of the plan is kept in Hieronim Łopaciński Public Library in Lublin.

Methods of examination
a. Cartometric analyses - values measured on the examined plan are compared with corresponding values on modern plan; results are presented in numerical (coefficients) and graphical (maps, charts) form.
b. Descriptive analyses - geographical-historical methods: description of presented city environment, definition of its completeness and quality comparing to other materials (other plans, views, written documents).
c. Evaluation of the plan - descriptive evaluation of the plan as cartographic material, its quality, completness and used methods.

Full text (136 pages, pdf file 7,3 MB) in Polish only is available here. You can also download a presentation used during public defence.

Printed version of the disseration is available in the UMCS Archive and in the Department of Cartography. 

© Copyright 2005- Kamil Nieścioruk

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