53rd congress of Polish Geographic Society

53rd congress of Polish Geographic Society took place in Lublin, 24th to 27th of June 2004. According to tradition one day (the last) was the day of field trips. Subjects of the trips were corresponding with topics presented during the congress. Each of the four trips was illustrated with a map, prepared and made in Department of Cartography, UMCS. A set of four maps formed a cartographic part of the congress publication "Stan i zmiany środowiska geografiznego wybranych regionów wschodniej Polski" (" Condition and changes of geographic environmet of chosen regions of eastern Poland"). This part was edited by Krzysztof Kałamucki.

The set of maps won the first prize in "Map of the year" contest (edition 2004), organized by the Association of Polish Cartographers, in Other maps category.

Title: Małopolski Przełom Wisły. Walory przyrodnicze i kulturowe
(Gap of Vistula valley in Małopolska region. Environmental and cultural values)
Authors: Mirosław W. Meksuła, Katarzyna Meksuła, Justyna Florczak
Scale: 1:150000

The map presents area from Sandomierz (south) to Dęblin and Kozienice (north) and from Lublin (east) to Zwoleń (west).
There is a reproduction of a part of Hieronimus von Heldensfeld's Carte von West Gallizien (1808) showing the same area main map does.
Text part (by Justyna Warowna) deals with gap of Vistula valley, environmental protection (landscape parks, areas of protected landscape, nature reserves) and monuments. The question of Vistula channel changes in last two hundred years is also presented. This text is accompanied by two maps (changes of river net in Kaziemirz Dolny area and changes in Vistula channel).
All is supplemented with photos by M. Harasimiuk and W. Zgłobicki.

Title: Nadburzańskie Polesie i Podlasie. Walory przyrodnicze i kulturowe
(Polesie and Podlasie regions in Bug area. Environmental and cultural values)
Authors: Krzysztof Kałamucki, Kamil Nieścioruk
Scale: 1:200000

The map shows Bug river and its neighbouring areas of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus from Dubienka to Ceranów. The map (as well as text part) is printed on both side of the sheet, as this is quite a big area.
Descriptive part consists of a few texts: Polesie and Podlasie regions in Bug area, Protected areas of the region (both by Wioletta Kałamucka), Bug and its basin by Wojciech Szwajgier, Environmental and cultural curiosities of Mielnika area by Sławomir Terpiłowski and Sanctuaries of Polesia and Podlasia region in Bug area by Szczepan Kalinowski. The text is accompanied by map showing this area in physico-geographical regionalisation of J. Kondracki and by photos by Grochowicz, Sz. Kalinowski and W. Zgłobicki.

Title: Pojezierze Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie. Walory przyrodnicze i kulturowe
(Łęczna-Włodawa Lake District. Environmental and cultural values)
Authors: Paweł Cebrykow, Monika Hurba
Scale: 1:100000

The map presents the area of Lake District from Bug (east) to line of Tyśmienica river and Łęczna (west).
The text (by K. Mięsiak and M. Turczyński) deals (among others) with environmental protection, hydrologic subjects and history of settlement.
It is supplemented with tables about landscape parks, nature reserves and morphometry of lakes etc. and with maps (changes in hydrography, history of settlement, reserve Western Polesie) and charts.
All is accompanied by photos by M. Turczyński.

Title: Roztocze Szczebrzeszyńskie i Tomaszowskie. Walory przyrodnicze i kulturowe
(Szczebrzeszyn and Tomaszów Roztocze. Environmental and cultural values)
Authors: Mirosław Krukowski, Bartłomiej Szymaniak
Scale: 1:100000

The maps shows an area from Lubycza Królewska (south-east) to Goraj (north-west). There are also, in addition, two plans of Krasnobród and Zwierzyniec.
The text part (by Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik and Ewa Skowronek) consists of characteristic of Roztocze region and descriptions of protected areas (Roztocze National Park, landscape parks and nature reserves). There is also a short history of the region and info about its main cities.
It is supplemented with photos by T. Brzezińska-Wójcik, T. Grabowski, L. Grzechnik, M. Krukowski and W. Zgłobicki.