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I've studied geography on UMCS during 1997-2002. My specialisation was cartography and I wrote the master degree work (promoter: prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Sirko) entitled "Territorial developement of Lublin - a historical view".

Historical carthographic materials are often objects of art, which can be of interests not only for a narrow group of experts. They are even more interesting in case they present known area - we can observe changes in environment then, analyse their causes and differentiate their results. Presented work is an attempt to create a historical atlas of Lublin, which could be useful in such tasks by presenting old plans of town accompanied by modern maps being the result of mentioned analyses.

The biggest stress has been laid on own maps, selection, their criteria and preparation and on presentation of old plans and views of the town. All these has been completed with historical facts and worked out to fit for the form and rules of the atlas.
Such a publication could have many applies, e.g. education, propagating history of Lublin and, thanks to old plans being often objects of art, history of cartography.

The project of historical atlas of Lublin consists of the following: archive materials (plans, views of town), own maps being interpretations of original, old plans, comments to every old material and history of Lublin, concentrating on factors influenting development of Lublin and on changes in character of city environment.
Old plans and views of the town are presented and described below (marked items were not included in original project of the atlas) as well as own maps.
Materials and information gained when writing this project has been used in a few papers and a few projects uses data contained in the work. Unfortunately, the atlas itself has not been published yet.

Full text of the work in Polish (50 pages pdf document, 360 KB) is available here.

Printed version of the work is available in UMCS Archive or in the Department of Cartography.